Announcing fully customizable permissions

We’re glad to announce the immediate availability of some powerful new features that give administrators far greater control over permissions within their Skills Base instance.

Watch a video tutorial on the new permissions enhancements.

The first is the ability to fully customize the privileges granted to Security Groups



Previously, only a limited number of Security Group privileges could be configured, however we have dramatically expanded on that to give administrators detailed control over the things that a person can see and do throughout the system.

Secondly, we now provide administrators the ability to define custom Security Groups that can be configured with any permissions required.   For example, there may be a need to grant contractors a different set of privileges than may be granted to full time employees.  All of this an more is now possible with the ability to create any amount of new Security Groups that can be assigned to people throughout the organization.


2Lastly, we have expanded team configuration options to provide greater flexibility by allowing more than just Supervisors to be assigned to teams.   The Delegates feature allows administrators the ability to assign a range of permissions based on team membership, providing enhanced choice and control.



We hope these new enhancements will help give your organization the flexibility and control it needs to make the most of your skills management practice.

For more information on these enhancements, see our article on Configuring Permissions in the Skills Base Support Center.

New assessment enhancements available now on Skills Base

We’re pleased to announce some enhancements to the core assessment feature in Skills Base which aim to improve the assessment experience and functionality for your organization and its employees.

Assessment comments

The new assessments comments feature allows employees and supervisors the ability to add comments at both the Skill Category and Assessment level.  Comments are shared between an employee and their supervisors and are visible both during an assessment and on the Detail tab of the person’s dashboard.


Assessments comments are enabled by default for new Skills Base instances and can be enabled on existing instances via Admin -> Settings -> Assessments -> Comments.

Rating-level auditing

We’ve introduced a more precise level of auditing for supervisor assessments which tracks individual rating changes.  This is designed to assist where there are multiple or changing supervisors for a given person and you need to track which supervisors set each specific rating.  The name of the supervisor is visible both when conducting a supervisor assessment, and in the “Detail” tab when viewing a person’s dashboard.


New skill identification

We’ve introduced new Skill identification into skill assessments which highlights any new skills that have been assigned to a person since the last assessment.  This is designed to assist employees and supervisors when conducting re-assessments and speeds up the re-assessment process by drawing attention to previously unrated skills.



We hope these enhancements assist you and or organization in your skills management endeavors!  As always, we welcome your feedback.  If you have an comments, questions or feedback, please feel free to contact us.

Integrate with Skills Base using the new REST API

We’re happy to announce the release of the Skills Base REST API that’s designed for customers wishing to integrate Skills Base with other corporate systems.

The REST API is available to all paid license holders and provides a way for customers to programmatically access data within their Skills Base instance to use in real-time integrations, augmenting the capabilities of organizational information systems.

Most major Skills Base modules are now exposed via REST APIs with more to follow in the future.  A complete listing of APIs, as well as full API documentation, is available in our Support Center.

We hope this new feature will further help your organization achieve the best from your employees, and we look forward to your feedback.

Introducing the new Licensing module

The new Licensing module provides enhanced features to help you better monitor and manage your Skills Base license.  From 26th September 2015, all license purchases will be made via this module.

Some of the new features include:

A clearer view of your current license and usage statistics:

licensingThe ability to renew and/or upgrade your license from directly within your Skills Base instance:


The ability to view your purchase history and to download payment receipts in PDF format:


The new Licensing module will be available to all Skills Base customers from 26th September 2015.  We hope these features help in your administration of Skills Base and we look forward to your feedback.

New features available now on Skills Base

We’re pleased to announce the availability of some new features to help your organization get even more value from your skills management practice.

My Reports

It’s now possible to save your commonly run reports for rapid execution at a later date.


This feature introduces an “Add to My Reports” button when viewing a report which, when clicked,  allows you to specify a name and description before saving all report parameters to your “My Reports” list.


This feature also works with data exports, so you no longer have to set up all of the parameters each time an export needs to be executed.

The “My Reports” list is available via the Reporting -> Reports menu.

Capability Matrix report

The new Capability Matrix report provides a view of capability across an entity by showing the number of people skilled at each skill level.  The entity can be a Role, Team, Location, or the entire organization.


This new matrix provides rapid visibility of the capability within a selected entity and can be used in conjunction with other reports and dashboards to further enhance your training and development plans, or to feed into organizational reporting and decision making.

New calculation method option – “Strict Average”

Since its inception, Skills Base has utilized a calculation method which factors relevant skills to highlight strengths throughout dashboards.  We’re pleased to now announce the release of a new additional calculation method which, when enabled, places more of an emphasis on highlighting gaps.  To see exactly how it does that, check our support article which describes each of the calculation methods in detail.  Administrators can now choose the method that best aligns with the requirements of the organization, or even change between methods at any time.

We hope that these new features come in handy for your organization and, as always, if you have any feedback please let  us know.


Report Builder improvements

We are valuing your feedback on the Report Builder tool as it progresses through the beta phase.

This post is to let you know about  some improvements we’ve made to the Report Builder output in order to make the presentation consistent with the Detail tab of People Summary pages.

  • Now displays a “0” instead of a “-” in self and supervisor assessment fields  where a score of zero was provided in the assessment.
  • The difference score has been swapped to be negative when the supervisor score is lower.
  • The average of self and supervisor assessment ratings are no longer rounded up to the nearest rating and are instead rounded to an accuracy of 1 decimal place.

We hope these improvements help you get even more value out of the tool, and as always, please continue to let us know of any feedback you have.

Bugfix: Team Supervisor list not displaying correctly for some customers

This weekend we have addressed an issue with the Supervisors list on the Team Dashboard that was affecting some customers.  This list was not displaying inherited supervisors (ie: supervisors from parent teams) when the team’s “Supervised by” option was set to “Specific supervisors”.


This issue only impacts customers that have teams set to “Supervised by: Specific supervisors” and where that team was a sub-team of one or more parent teams that had supervisors assigned.

The issue is with the display of the list only and did/does not impact any security privileges.

We apologize for any inconvenience caused.  If you need to report a bug at any time, or if you have any other queries or comments, please feel free to contact us at any time.

New features available now on Skills Base

In keeping with our relentless pursuit to continuously enhance the user experience and functionality of Skills Base for our highly valued customers, we’re very happy to announce the immediate availability of some new and exciting features.

Report Builder

We heard you loud and clear when you told us you want more control when it comes to reporting.  The new Report Builder provides this by allowing you to build your own reports by selecting the exact combination of filters and fields that you need to get the  information you require.


These reports can then be viewed directly on screen , or can be exported to a CSV file.


You can even bookmark reports that you generate if you need to reference them regularly.

The Report Builder is available to Administrators and Supervisors.  Supervisors will be restricted to reporting on their own team(s) only if the “Supervisors: Can view and export details of people they don’t supervise” option is enabled in Admin -> Settings.  If that option is not enabled, Supervisors will be able to report on all people (in line with the behavior of the Heat Matrix Report and data exports).

The Report Builder currently bears the “beta” mark, so feel free to provide any feedback that you might have about it.

People Bulk Edit and Delete

When you are managing large groups of people, it’s sometimes necessary to make a change to all people within that group.  For example, you may wish to move a selection of people into a different team or location, or you may wish to change the skill sets of several people at once.  The Bulk Edit feature allows you to do this with ease by selecting the people you want and clicking “Edit” under “Bulk actions”.


You can also delete people using this method for instances where there are several people to delete at once.

Bulk Edit and Delete is available to Administrators, and is configurable for Supervisors via Admin -> Settings.

Interest Level Heat Matrix

We’ve extended the Heat Matrix report so that you can now report on interest levels.  The Interest Level Heat Matrix uses a different color scheme to distinguish it from the Skill Level Heat Matrix.


To access the Interest Level Heat Matrix, click “Reports” on the Reporting menu, followed by “Run report” on the Heat Matrix report item, and when prompted for the Report type choose “Interest Level”.

Team Supervisors

We’ve improved the way that people can be assigned as Supervisors of a team.  Previously, there were two ways to assign Supervisors to a team:

  1. By selecting “Supervised by: All supervisors” when editing the team.  This would cause all Supervisors in the system to become supervisors of that team.
  2. By selecting “Supervised by: Specific supervisors” when editing the team.  This allows Administrators the ability to select specific supervisors for that team.

There is now a third option when editing a team titled “Supervised by: Supervisors within this team”.  Selecting this option causes all people who are direct members of the team, and who have the Security Group “Supervisor”,  to become a supervisor of the team.  Additionally, as teams inherit supervisors from parent teams, these people will also become supervisors of all sub-teams.  This new option makes it much easier to manage supervisors when you have multiple teams.

We hope that you enjoy these new features and that they make it even easier to manage the skills within your organization.  We want to thank all of our customers for your ongoing feedback, and we look forward to receiving more.  As always, if you have a question, comment or suggestion, please feel welcome to contact us.

Enhancements requested by you

We are pleased to announce the release of some enhancements that have been requested over the past months by our customers.

Improvements to skill and category ordering

We have invested some time in improving the way that skills and skill categories are ordered.  In the past, categories were ordered alphabetically in assessments, lists and reports but are now displayed in correct tree order:


Skill ordering change


We have also introduced the “Manual” sort order option which allows you to take full control of the way that skills and categories are ordered.  You can enable manual sort order in Admin -> Settings -> General settings:

manual sort setting


Once enabled you will be able to drag and drop skills and skill categories into any order you desire:

manual order


Team hierarchy

Teams can now be arranged into a hierarchy via the Team Directory.  Further, you can now view people in their respective teams, as well as drag and drop them into other teams directly within the Team Directory page:


Any sub-teams will inherit all skill categories assigned to their parent(s).   Additionally, Team Summary page statistics will include all of the team’s sub-teams.

We hope these enhancements assist in your skills management activities.  We thank you for your feedback and look forward to receiving more.

New features – Locations and Custom Fields

We’re pleased to announce the release of two new requested features: Locations and Custom Fields.


The new Locations feature allows you to associate a physical location with a Person.




The physical location has also been added as a criteria to the People Finder feature so that you can find skilled people in a specific geographic location.

people finder

To find out more about Locations, visit our Support Wiki.

Custom Fields

This new feature is available to paid license holders and allows the creation of any number of additional fields to be associated with a Person record.  You can add any text-based information you like to these fields.  For example, you could create a Custom Field called “Favorite color” and use it to tack your employee’s favorite colors (Why not? It could come in handy!).

Custom fields are displayed on the new “About” tab located on the Person Summary page.


Values you enter into custom fields are searchable via the Global Search:


We’re constantly improving Skills Base based on your feedback, and we’re very grateful for all of your suggestions.  If there’s anything we can do to assist, please feel free to contact us.