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Increase productivity by up to 40% and make talent decisions 90% faster.

Say hello to Sam, your skills intelligence advisor. 👋

Extracting valuable skill insights from vast data sets is now effortless. Sam enhances your skills analysis, providing crucial information for operational and strategic decisions in workforce planning, resource allocation, career pathing, training, and more.

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Can you find me who in my organization is highly skilled in Java?
What people need training in my Engineering Team?
Do any CNC operators need to renew their certifications in the next 3 months?
Do we have anyone in our San Jose office who is a level 5 in Devops?

Discover the Right Talent... Instantly.

Optimize your workforce planning and resource allocation with precision. Remove bias and uncover hidden talent in plain sight, ensuring your project teams are built with the best-suited skills to deliver customer value and to save you valuable time.

Leverage a new way to query skills data.

Our Skills Base Query Language (SBQL) is built from the ground up to be AI-ready, enabling powerful and precise reporting using your validated and trustworthy skills data.

Safe, secure and built for the enterprise

With Skills Base security groups, you have full control to enforce strict user-level permissions. Your data is safe across regions, for users, and from third parties.

AI Skills Intelligence

Interrogate your skills data through natural language

Whether you need to plan workforce development, allocate resources, design career paths, or create targeted training programs, Sam’s intuitive interface and powerful analysis capabilities ensure you have the information you need at your fingertips. Embrace the future of skills management and make confident decisions with Sam by your side.


A look into where we're taking AI Skills Intelligence

The role of AI has continued to evolve at Skills Base, and will continue to play a significant part in helping organization’s identify, measure and act on their skills data. Like any data-hungry approach, now is the time to get started so you can begin to unleash the potential of your workforce. 

AI Skills Intelligence V1
The first iteration of Sam focused on helping users understand Skills Base, and what a skills-based approach means for them.
AI Skills Intelligence V2
We are now launching the next evolution of Sam, enabling users to query their own data using natural language.
AI Skills Intelligence V2.5
We will continuously train and enhance Sam to integrate more data types and refine its prompts based on customer and user feedback.
AI Skills Intelligence V3
A completely new way to understand skill insights across your organization, fed directly into where you need it most.

Questions about Sam

Can I control who sees what data?

Yes. Security Groups in Skills Base provide comprehensive permissions controls that allow customers the ability to specify data and functionality that people can view and modify. All aspects of Skills Base including Sam enforce these permissions.

All customers and users have access to Sam to chat, discuss and learn aboue features and functionality of Skills Base. However, the ability for Sam to execute data queries is only available to Ultimate license holders. This data query ability can also be further restricted by customer administrators to certain groups of users via Security Group privileges. So, to access Sam’s data query capability you will require an Ultimate license as well as being granted neccessary privileges by your administrator.

Sam is a collection of trained AI models, combined into a cohesive natural language interface. Depending on the type of query you submit, Sam will interact with relevant services and sources in the background to get the right information.

No. Despite Sam being able to write and execute data queries, Sam does not in fact have access to your organization’s data. This is evident if you attempt to ask Sam specifics about the data (eg: “Do you think my skill level in X is high or low?”) – Sam will be unable to answer. One exception is that Sam is provided with the full name of the person that is currently chatting. We do plan in the future to grant Sam access to organizational data in order to be able to provide new deep and powerful insights, however this will be a coordinated activity in consultation with customers.

No. Measuring skills requires a methodical approach, in order to achieve the right balance of accuracy and usability. This is what the Skills Base Methodology provides, via an assessment approach. AI models are great at dealing with masses of resulting data to provide relevant insights and knoweldge, but they are not well suited to assessing or measuring skills.

Sam can provide advice on building your Skills Directory, however the Skills Base Library is a purpose-built tool included free of charge with every Skills Base instance to assist customers with this task.

No. Sam is pre-trained and does not learn or retain any information from conversations with users.

No. Sam is a beta offering, which means Skills Base does not guarantee accuracy or that Sam will work as expected. Sam is a feature for customers to try and explore, and we welcome your feedback.

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