An Update to the Skills Base MSA | July 2023 

Rolling out today – 7th July 2023 — is an update to our Master Subscription Agreement (MSA).

We have listened to your feedback and have developed a more comprehensive and user-friendly MSA, specifically tailored to meet your needs and align with industry standards.

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Here are some key enhancements included in our new MSA:

Clearer Description of Services

We have provided a more comprehensive description of the services we provide (Clause 1).

Streamlined Access Obligations

We have enhanced the clarity of your obligations, as well as the obligations of your users, when accessing our services. This improvement will simplify your navigation and facilitate compliance with the necessary guidelines outlined in Clauses 2 and 3

Enhanced Privacy and Data Processing

Your privacy and data protection are of utmost importance to us. Our new MSA includes a dedicated clause (Clause 4) that covers the obligations and rights of both parties, along with the incorporation of our new Data Processing Addendum. This ensures a comprehensive framework for handling your data securely and transparently. Unlike the previous MSA, which referenced our Privacy Policy and Data Processing Addendum in Clause 5, the new MSA provides more explicit details.

Improved Termination Terms

We have provided a more detailed explanation of the circumstances under which termination can occur and the associated consequences. This will help facilitate a smoother process in the event of termination compared to the previous MSA.

Detailed Warranties and Limitation of Liability

We have added more in-depth information regarding warranties and limitations of liability in Clauses 8, 9, and 10. This ensures that both parties are well-informed about their rights and responsibilities in case any unforeseen circumstances arise.

We believe that our improved MSA will offer you greater transparency, peace of mind, and an overall better experience. We value your partnership and are committed to continuously enhancing our services to meet your evolving needs. Should you have any questions or require further clarification please open a support ticket here, our dedicated support team is always here to assist you. 

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