For Learning & Development Teams

Deliver training outcomes

Whether it’s supporting investment decisions or ensuring people’s time is well spent, Skills Base gives you the insights needed to track skill gaps and measure the success of training interventions.  

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Skills Base provides visibility of our skills and competencies in order to take actions like assigning training courses and project mentorships This enables us to improve how we deliver services, and build staff morale.

Measure the success of training programs

Skills Base delivers a dynamic approach to measuring skills that allows you to see trends over time. Whether you collectively send a team to training or provide one-to-one coaching, see what’s working and iteratively improve how you develop your people.  

Track an individual's skill trends over time 

Track a team's skill trends over time 

Analyze who has completed what training 

Invest in closing operational and strategic skill gaps

Skills Base enables you to create a single source of truth for skills data that can be reported on in real-time. Uncover what skill gaps are costing your teams and organization today. 

Analyze biggest skill gaps for individuals 

Analyze the skill gaps for teams, roles or locations 

Analyze your biggest skill gaps for the future 

Close skill gaps and support successful interventions

Each individual has a personal skills story to tell, through abilities, skill gaps, and motivations. Skills Base lets you understand every one of your team members and deliver micro-training based on their requirements.

Drill down to people's granular skill gaps  

Automatically recommend training to close gaps 

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Skills management software, loved by customers.

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Skills Base helps us identify the skill gaps to curate learning offerings. This further converges time, effort, and money to be focused on actual and real-time learning and development needs.
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Skills Base helps us make better data-driven decisions across our organization.
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Skills base helps us to track both the skills that our staff have, and the skills they most enjoy or want to have. It is great when doing 1-to-1s and appraisals, and helps us plan resource for projects.
Jake P.Rated on G2
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Skills Base helps us encourage employees to take ownership of their developmental paths and managers to make leveraged investments in their people.

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