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One of the most important parts about becoming a successful skills-based team or organization is a solid measurement framework. A method that leverages an organizational authored skills taxonomy to support critical people decisions across talent allocation, development, acquisition, reward and retention.

However, a vital part of a successful skills-based practice is giving autonomy and ownership to each individual, so that they can add to the skills obtained in their current work practices, accumulated from past experiences, and are interested in developing in the future.

This is why we’ve released Personal Skills.

The Personal Skills Feature allows individuals to add additional skills from the existing organization’s skills library. This is a way to empower employees, and ensure that each person has a more comprehensive view of their abilities.

When an individual has added skill(s) they will be asked to set a self-assessment rating. Any subsequent assessments that are completed by the individual or manager will then include any newly added skills. 

You can find more information about Personal Skills, as well as the assignment of skills to teams, or roles here

Personal Skills is an opt-in feature that needs to be enabled by your account manager, or the customer success team. 

If you have an existing Skills Base account and interested to see it in action, schedule a quick meeting today. Or if you’re new, book in a demo to see what Skills Base can do for your people, team and entire organization.

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