Powering the skills based organization, so they can see the whole person

The world has changed and we can no longer group people together by their job titles and roles. Each individual has their own story to tell, the skills of the past, present, and future aspirations. 

Skills Base was built with the purpose of seeing the whole person. So they can be confident in the work at hand, they can continue to thrive as their careers progress, and their organizations become a place of transparency, equity, and collaboration. 

Our Story

Skills Base was built from the necessity to manage the lifecycle of skills. In 2012 the founder, Steven George, needed to manage the granular skill set of his IT team and their skill gaps, as a way to better support the on training interventions. 

Our Values

Growth mindset

Careers at Skills Base

Skills Base is a truely global company with individuals working from every side of the world. 

A Skills Base Whitepaper

The Skills Base Methodology
A Framework for Skills-Based Organizations and Teams