A Skills Base Product Update | New Features, Integrations, and More

As we help an increasing number of teams and organizations build a digital model of their skills, the Skills Base platform continues to evolve.

In the last quarter alone, Skills Base customers assessed a staggering 7 million skills. And these insights support real-time workforce decisions across workforce planning, talent acquisition, development, allocation, management and reward, and retention.

Every month Skills Base releases fresh updates encompassing everything from major new features to usability enhancements and important bug fixes. This blog is focused on showcasing everything you need to know.

So, here it is.

New Feature

The Skills Base Library

When embarking on any skills transformation project, one of the biggest barriers to entry is having a list of skills ready to go.

For many people just starting out, this can be tedious, and let’s face it… who has the time!

The goal should be to start small, learn, and iterate, and that’s where the Skills Base Library comes in. It’s a collection of roles that come pre-mapped to skills, with context-rich descriptions.

We’re constantly adding to this list, so if you can’t find what you’re looking for, reach out, and we’ll see where we can help.

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New Feature

Personal Skills

The Personal Skills Feature allows individuals to add additional skills from the existing organization’s skills library. This is a way to empower employees and ensure that each person has a more comprehensive view of their abilities.

This is an opt-in feature, so if you’re interested in turning it on, reach out to the team.

Building a skills taxonomy? Learn what we have to say.

New Feature

Credly Workforce Integration

We have released a new integration between Skills Base and Credly Workforce which provides visibility into badges earned by employees.

This integration adds new data fields that can be mapped between systems, including:

  • Data Source
  • Badge Image link
  • Issuer, and
  • Description URL

This is an opt-in feature and requires a paid Credly Workforce subscription. If you’re interested to see it in action, book a meeting with the team.

New Feature

Training Visibility in the Skills Matrix

Customers with the training module can now provide an “at a glance” indication of all possible training available for a specific skill. Having all of this data in one place means that employees can easily become self-guided in their own skills development or can work with their managers in a meaningful way to close any gaps.


Custom Fields and Attachments for Teams

We’ve enhanced the team directory to now be in line with roles, locations, people, and qualifications. You can now add attachments and custom fields to ensure it’s relevant to your organization.

New Feature

Multi-Factor Authentication

As an additional layer of security and protection for your account, we have released multi-factor authentication. 

Thought Leadership

The Skills Base Methodology Whitepaper

Delivering a successful skills-based transformation project isn’t just about skills management software. It is a cultural change that needs to be understood by all parties involved and be based on a proven methodology.

This is why we released our whitepaper, which has been highly regarded by thought leaders around the world. It focuses on three core areas of transformation; Identify, Measure, and Act.

Whether you’re a Skills Base customer or not download the whitepaper and make sure you’re setting yourself up for success.

There are hundreds of enhancements that we’ve made to the back-end and front-end of Skills Base, as well as many more to come. Over the coming months, there are some exciting new features planned for release and development by the team, including:

  • A new self-guided way to bulk import data into Skills Base
  • Setting the foundations for a new way to query and report on skills data
  • A more intuitive way to assess skills

Thanks to the hundreds of Skills Base customers for your ongoing feedback, input, and suggestions.

The Skills Base Team.


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A Skills Base Whitepaper

The Skills Base Methodology
A Framework for Skills-Based Organizations and Teams