The Skills Base Changelog

Learn about what's being released from the Skills Base team. If you were interested to see anything in action, don't hesitate to schedule a time to talk.

20 July, 2022

July Product Update

Salut to French Translations 🇫🇷

You can now find French translations alongside English, Italian, and German. This is avaliable for all Skills Base accounts and located within the Preferences tab. 

Skills Base French Translations

Additional Minor Changes & Updates

16 June, 2022

June Product Update

HR Integration Framework Phase 1

We have built a new architecture within Skills  Base for processing batch files from third-party systems. In phase 1 with a few customers, we have tested the integration between Skills Base and Workday. The next phases will be to roll out the capabilities to more HRIS integrations. 

If you were interested to be a part of the initial rollout, email your account manager, or set up a meeting to talk to the team.

Additional Minor Changes & Updates

18 May, 2022

May Product Update Part 2

Added Custom Fields For Courses

Courses now support custom fields and join Skills, Roles, Teams and Locations with this functionality. 

Skills Base Custom Fields

Ability to cancel in-progress self-assessments

Sometimes people might start assessments by mistake, or the initial assessment were not setup properly to begin with. Administrators now have greater control and can cancel in progress self-assessments.

Additional Minor Changes & Updates

04 May, 2022

May Product Update Part 1

Refactoring and Restyling of the Skills Directory

We’re excited to announce that the skills directory dashboard is now using the new front end framework. This will make the page more responsive, and allow up to better update the UI and user experience moving forward.

Skills Directory V2
06 April, 2022

April Product Update

Introducing the admin file transfer tool

With data privacy and security being a core focus of the Skills Base platform, we have introduced a new way (within the application) to share files between your organization and the Skills Base team. 

Improved SAML Integration - Multiple Configs.& Metadata

Skills Base can now support multiple SSO configurations (auth providers) for an organization. We have also enabled the ability to provide IDP metadata by specifying a URL rather than uploading a file. 

Additional Minor Changes & Updates