Skill and Competency Mapping Software & Framework

Skills Base has been built from the ground up with powerful REST APIs. Using the skill and competency mapping software, you can create the right technology stack that can improve the employee experience, while adding value to your customers.

Skills and Competency Mapping Tool

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Skills and Competency Mapping

Understand skills and competencies through a fit-for-purpose data model

Whether it's to support recruitment, build teams, or improve career outcomes, Skills Base gives you the opportunity to put your skill data front and center.
Skills and Competency Mapping

Build competency and close your skill gaps through training and LMS mapping

Improve the ROI of your training and L&D investment by mapping skill levels to training outcomes using your existing LMS, LXP or Internal resources.

Drive better employee experiences by connecting to your HR platform

Skills Base helps to create a powerful skills management capability within your organization, while also complementing existing HR, L&D, Project Management and Talent Management technology investment.

Visualize skill gaps and strengths through a competency mapping matrix

Having a skills management platform at your disposal gives you the ability to intuitively and easily create a powerful competency mapping matrix as well as other reports to track employee progression and trends.


Skills Base is a powerful tool, easy to use and flexible to implement. We can now focus on learning strategy instead of the work of tracking and controlling.

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