A Growing Product, Customer Base & Team | January 2022 Skills Base Update

It’s been 6 months since the last Skills Base update and there have been some exciting additions to the Skills Base product and team.

But one thing that hasn’t changed is the acceleration towards becoming skills based. This can be seen ‘as clear as day’ by the Skills Base customer base growing more than 100% (year on year).

So if you joined us at the start of 2021, or are completely new to the Skills Base platform, another big welcome!

We’re also excited to have new team members join Skills Base from Australia (AU), Denver (US) and New Jersey (US), so expect to see their faces around a lot more moving forward:

  • Tim Waldron has joined the team to help take the Skills Base User Interface to the next level
  • John Deiner has joined the CX Team in our Denver office
  • Todd Heath, also in our Denver office has joined us to help new customers take their first step toward becoming skills-based,
  • Bill Taradash, has joined the New Jersey office to help more teams and organizations grow with Skills Base.

Now to the Skills Base product update. Sometimes, the changes that happen behind the scenes can have the biggest impacts. And that’s one of the big themes for the past 6 months

New Feature

Skills Mapping just got a lot more granular

You’ve asked for it, and now it’s here! You are now able to go a step further and assign individual skills to roles, teams and people.

Why would you want to do this? Well, A person may have a skillset that exists above and beyond an established team, or role. By opening up more granular skills mapping, those teams and organization’s using Skills Base can become even more agile and dynamic to truly solve critical talent management, recruitment, L&D, workforce planning, and resource allocation problems.

Individual Skills Selection

What makes this update even more powerful, is that this change has far reaching benefits across each and every part of Skills Base. We now have the foundation set to build critical features and functionality that you have been asking for (so get ready for a flurry of features that take advantage of this critical update!).

See the new features for yourself

New Feature

Improvements across the User Interface

You might have noticed a new coat of paint for the “person dashboard” – giving the UI a newer, fresher vibe ( with profile pictures! ). Well you can be excited that it’s a lot more than just that.

This screen layout sets the foundation for a new modern flexible user interface framework, meaning that there’s a lot more to come.

Skills Base Dashboard

Over the next few months you can expect to see the continued migration of pages, and additional updates to the UI.

We also have a few other changes in mind, but we’ll keep that under wraps for now.

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New Feature

R&D, Experimentation, and Innovation

We’re often quiet about some of the cool new stuff that we work on and keep behind closed doors. But, we wanted to start to open this up to more and more users of Skills Base.

As an opt-in module we now have the ability to turn on pre-alpha or experimental features to administrators of Skills Base accounts.

This is a way for us to further iterate and innovate within Skills Base with more direct user and customer feedback – giving you the ability to try out concepts and influence them before they’re actually turned into a live product or feature.

A new way to query skills? New Features / functionality? A completely left field experiment for … well, you’ll just have to talk to us to see.

What else have we been working on?

New Feature

Manually add courses to a person's Training list

Users now have the ability to manually add a course to their training list.

New Feature

Addition of People Finder to Landing Pages

The People Finder feature can now be set as a primary landing page for when a user logs in.

New Feature

Better data integrity through SSO

As an opt-in feature you can now populate team, role and location attributes via Single Sign On.

New Feature

Skill Starter Sampler for new Instances

Any new instance that is created will be automatically populated with 200+ skills for a better Skills Base experience and a quicker start.


Improved profile pictures display for Users

Users and admins can now upload pictures of their employees and it is displayed within the personal dashboard.


Global Search Improvements

When using the global search in Skills Base, you can now access knowledge base articles – making your life easier.


Less clutter for invitations

There is now a new tab in the people directory which displays all invited users. Keeping your activated people directory clean and manageable.


More control over training prioritization

Administrators of Skills Base can now manually turn on and off course recommendations based on high, medium and low priorities.


Improvements to the Training Recommendation Algorithm

The Skills Base Training RecommendationAlgorithm now better understands skill levels and the training opportunities that exist based on the prioritizations set.


More control over training filtering

There is now added filtering within the Training tab of a person’s dashboard.


Improvements made to column filtering

Additional improvements have been added to column-based search filtering which will now remember the field status.


Field Selection for People Finder Export

Users are now able to select the fields that they wish to export as a part of the People Finder CSV.


More Security Group Controls

When enabled, non-administrator accounts can edit and bulk-edit the Security Group assignments to people. Giving you more control over system-role management at scale.


Added quick links to people directory

There are now a bunch of quick links to reports that can be accessed directly from the people directory.


Added Skill Assignment Export to Quick links

You can now export role and team skill assignments (where they exist) straight from dashboards


Skills Tab Rating Improvements

When updating skill ratings directly from the Skills Tab, the rating scheme will also be shown.


Skills Tab Now collapsible

Users now have the ability to open and collapse the skills matrix with one click


Support for iWork Attachments

Users can now attach iWork documents to all records that support attachments.

Skills Base a top 100 Learning System?

That’s right, if you didn’t hear Skills Base was chosen as a top 100 learning system by the Craig Weiss Group. Identified as the global leading skills metrics solution that works in a symbiotic way with LMS Tools to produce better outcomes for employees, a business’s bottom line, and ultimately for your customers.

"I recommend only one skill measurement platform – Skills Base. It’s the best one out there"

If you’re a Skills Base customer and want to revisit your goals, or are just starting out on your Skills-Based journey, make sure to book a chat with the team today.

We’ll be happy to take you through any and all of these new features!

Still unsure where to start?

Our team is always ready to discuss how you can become skills-based.


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