A powerful skills audit tool that identifies employee skills gaps

Uncover gaps and strengths by using the skills audit tool to understand and act on the skills that make your employees, teams and organization tick.

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Employee Skills Audit

Help your people thrive through an employee skills audit

Pinpoint the skill and competency levels of your team, understand their interests, and measure knowledge to deliver better career outcomes and employee experiences.
Employee Skills Audit

Improve customer outcomes and value with a team skills audit

Deliver better customer outcomes by understanding where a teams' skill strengths are, as well as overcome any weaknesses by filling gaps from other skilled people across your organization.
Organizational skills audit

Create peace of mind through an organizational skills audit

Build a better learning culture and become a resilient business by linking the skills your organization has now, will need in the next year, and the years to come.
Organizational skills audit

Our training and auditing team is now easily able to analyze skill competency and determine areas of training and who is best suited to deliver client work.

Frequently Asked Skills Audit Questions

A skills audit is the objective process of assessing the skills, knowledge and interests / desires of your employees. This data provides an employee, team and organizational competency baseline which can be used to support many Recruitment, Workforce Allocation, Talent Management, Internal Mobility and skills-based decisions.

A skills audit tool should provide the capability to quickly understand the underlying skills data of employees, teams and the organization as a whole. From an internal perspective this helps to understand employee skills gaps and objectively engage those employees around their progression. It also enables greater development and collaboration across different teams.

An external Skills Audit is generally done via a 3rd party, and has a goal of understanding organizational compliance, or an objective view of employee capabilities in merger and acquisition situations.

For both instances, by becoming a skills-based business and embedding a skills management system will provide significant efficiencies in the data capture, measurements and objective decision making.

Yes, Skills Base enables you to measure, track, report on and act around knowledge or qualifications, skills or competencies and abilities or interests. Each of these elements are a crucial part of how Skills Base understands and measures competency. Check out the competency framework page for more information.

In order to complete the skills audit process you need follow a few key steps:

  1. Set a clear and measurable goal for the audit. A few examples could be to uncover skill gaps to support training investment decisions, Understand project requirements in order to understand how to allocate the most skilled and competent team, through to exploring skills strengths within an organization’s merger or acquisition situation.
  2. Understand the specific skills, knowledge and abilities that you will be auditing. This should also be linked to a digital skills inventory tool rather than a spreadsheet
  3. Map skills to different organization entities such as teams, roles, and office locations.
  4. Create A skills assessment process with an adequate SaaS tool that helps to evaluate the objective competency of employees.
  5. Visualize skills gaps and strengths, for employees, teams and the organization as a whole. A skills matrix tool is perfect for this, and
  6. Enable the ability to export, integrate, or map that data to other systems to support the decisions around your skills audit goals.

A free online skills audit is available using the free tier of Skills Base. This is free for anyone up to 25 employees (check out the pricing page). When you are in the tool, you should follow the “how to complete a skills audit” above.

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