A skills inventory tool letting you do it your way

Move your data from clunky spreadsheets and Excel into a digital skills library. Use your new job skills inventory to make data-driven decisions and evolve employees’ skills so individuals and teams can thrive.

Join hundreds of global leaders who trust Skills Base with their Skills Inventory

Understand the skills of your employees and evaluate and act on their underlying competencies.
Match employee skills together from your database to create the perfect team.
See better results and make informed decisions with clear data, optimized teams, and happy employees.
Skills Base - Skills Tracking

An employee skills inventory that evolves over time

Whether it's a team of 10 or a global organization of 10,000 employees, Skills Base gives you the opportunity to create a single source of truth for all of your skills data.
Skills Base - Skills Tracking
Employee Skills Assessment Software

A structured-subjective approach to skills inventory assessment

Skills Base’s employee assessment framework gives you the opportunity to evaluate the competencies of each employee. Use this data to measure, act and optimize skills-based performance.
Employee Skills Assessment Software
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Powerful employee, team and organization reporting

Your skills data should become a living, breathing element of your organization. With Skills Base you can create skills matrices and custom reports to act in real-time for your organization's needs.
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The centralized digital skills inventory allows us to quickly link experts to our clients needs enabling the high quality delivery we are known for.

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Frequently Asked Skills Inventory Questions

In its most basic form, a skills inventory — also called, a skills library, a skills catalog, skills ontology or skills taxonomy, is a centralized and structured database of skills data, and qualifications that helps to create a unified understanding of skills within an organization. Employees can then be assessed on these skills, and then individually or holistically reported on to find and act on skills gaps. Read more about getting started with your skills inventory.

Your skills inventory is the underlying structured data of skills within your organization. In order to find your employee, team and organization skills gaps, you need to assess their skill levels, and then report on those skills to determine what’s next. Don’t worry we have you covered with our skills assessment, and skills matrix tools.

A skills inventory is a critical tool for any human resource planning requirements and provides an objective data source for key HR decisions. When your skills are in a digital form, you can easily measure employee skill, knowledge and interest levels and then use that data to support human resource planning decisions. Such as: 

  • Recruitment
  • Training and Learning and Development 
  • Talent Management and Internal Mobility
  • Resource Planning and Allocation 
  • Career Planning 
  • and much more.

The Skills Inventory tool supports you in creating the underlying taxonomy of skills for your workforce and organization. When this data is compiled, it’s a simple task to assign employees, teams, roles, office locations, training and custom fields. When this skill mapping is complete, you will get an easy way to measure, report and act on any skill gaps or strengths. 

Yes, Skills Base gives you full control to build a skills inventory that’s fit for your specific use case. Whether it’s: 

  • General Soft Skills such as communication and empathy
  • General company skills such as core values, 
  • Process driven skills such as quality assurance and compliance for high-tech manufacturing, or 
  • Specifically granular IT skills such as Cisco – ISE (AAA Configuration)

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