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Deliver the best project results

Whether starting that next customer project or supporting a new product launch, Skills Base gives you the tools to uncover who has the right skills and certifications to deliver for your customers.

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Skills Base helps us track the skills our staff have, and the skills they most enjoy or want to have. It is great when doing 1-to-1s, and has become a vital part in resource planning for projects.

Skills-based Talent Allocation

Match skilled people, to customer requirements

Skills Base lets you turn your skill and certifications data into a dynamic, accessible asset. Reduce costly errors and deliver results for your customers. 

Combine skills and certifications for the full story 

Search for certified people in real-time 

Set certification expiry dates and get notified 

Skills-based Talent Development

Develop your people for work today, and jobs of the future

Don’t waste time and money on training that doesn’t help your people. Understand their granular skill gaps based on their current roles, and skill gaps that exist for future career goals.

Link existing training content directly to skills 

Automatically recommend training to close gaps 

Enable internal career mobility between roles 

Talent Planning

Stay at the forefront of the IT industry

The skills needed to succeed in IT constantly evolve and change based on new products, programming languages, and cyber security threats. Ensure your teams and organization are ready by identifying and closing your IT skill gaps. 

Add and evolve your skills taxonomy as things change 

Analyze skill gaps as they relate to future requirements 

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Skills management software, loved by customers.

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Skills Base helps us identify the skill gaps to curate learning offerings. This further converges time, effort, and money to be focused on actual and real-time learning and development needs.
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Skills Base helps us make better data-driven decisions across our organization.
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Skills base helps us to track both the skills that our staff have, and the skills they most enjoy or want to have. It is great when doing 1-to-1s and appraisals, and helps us plan resource for projects.
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Skills Base helps us encourage employees to take ownership of their developmental paths and managers to make leveraged investments in their people.

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