Skills Base A Year In Review | Data Insights & What’s Next

Now is the moment to review the past year, acknowledging the journey people are on and considering the road ahead.

While the ascent of AI captured our attention, the prominence of skills-based organizations continued to dominate discussions. It’s clear that an increasing number of individuals, teams, and organizations recognize the intrinsic value, and these statistics affirm the growing sentiment — At least towards Skills Base.

a growing user base

This growth signifies the increasing recognition of Skills Base as an indispensable tool for individuals and organizations alike.

skills assessed this year alone

A reflection of the depth and breadth of skills being evaluated and the strengths and gaps being uncovered on our platform.

Skills Areas

Within our customers’ skills directories, there are over 900,000 skills being tracked. Demonstrating the diverse needs from each organization.

Courses linked to skill gaps

Customers are taking a dynamic approach that not only facilitates continuous learning but also ensures that identified gaps are efficiently addressed.

While we take pride in our numerical achievements and milestones at Skills Base, it’s equally important to acknowledge the significant victories our customers have experienced:

  • Ensuring compliance in engineering and manufacturing industries by establishing visibility into skills and validating certifications.
  • Supporting strategic investment decisions related to learning and development initiatives.
  • Drastically reducing the critical time needed to source exceptional talent and efficiently allocating those individuals to projects.
  • Gaining a profound understanding of the human element amid substantial growth and continuous acquisition of new organizations.

The value derived from skill insights is undeniable, prompting the question: why isn’t everyone seizing the opportunity to engage in this transformative process?

A year to Democratize Skills Management

The Skills Base team engages with individuals on a daily basis:

  • From regions around the world, including APAC, EMEA, North America, Eastern Europe, India, Africa and South Africa
  • Use cases focused on workforce planning, acquisition, resource allocation, learning and development, mergers and acquisitions, pay and much more
  • Industries spanning IT & Technology, Engineering, Manufacturing, Banking and Finance, Life Sciences, Consulting
  • Managers of 10 to 5,000 people or organizations of 100,000+

Navigating the complexities of skills-based transformation can be overwhelming. Despite an influx of articles advocating for this ideal state, the reality is that organizational change is a gradual process, often constrained by time limitations. Transformation must be approached iteratively, empowering individuals and demonstrating tangible value to the organization.

In a recent survey involving over 3000 participants, we sought to comprehend their perspectives on tracking and managing skills. The findings revealed that many are just embarking on this journey, recognizing the maturity of this shift.

I'm not tracking skills
I'm tracking via spreadsheets
I'm tracking via my HR System
I'm tracking via skills management

This year we released hundreds of improvements across Skills Base, but a core goal was to make it easy for anyone to get started on their skills journey.

We created The Skills Base Library, offering free skills templates based on specific roles to help people start or expand their own skills directories.

We also developed The Skills Base Data Importer, a set of tools making it simpler for individuals to move away from spreadsheets, and established Skills Base users to continue to import and update their own data effortlessly.

We improved our API infrastructure, enabling more customers to connect with HR Systems like Workday and SAP SuccessFactors, As well as Credly Workforce to track and manage certifications at scale.

To provide comprehensive guidance, we launched a detailed whitepaper on the Skills Base Methodology, offering everything individuals need to start and succeed in their skills management journeys.

In essence, our focus this year was on making skills management accessible to everyone so that anyone can find value.

So, what’s next?

Brining your data to life

At the core of any skills management initiative lies the crucial element of establishing trust in the data. At Skills Base, we’ve designed our platform with this principle in mind, ensuring that individuals, managers, and the entire organization can leverage data to make informed people decisions.

Looking ahead to the coming year, our vision is to breathe life into this data in several ways through strategic investments

Enhancing the Skills Measurement and Assessment Experience

By refining the process of measuring and assessing skills, we aim to instill even greater confidence in the data, empowering users to make more informed decisions.

Introducing a New Query and Analysis Approach:

We are working on a new method for querying and analyzing data across your Skills Base account, providing a more dynamic and insightful user experience.

Improving Data Reporting and Visualization:

Our focus includes developing better ways to report on and visualize your data, ensuring that insights are presented in a clear and impactful manner.

These initiatives are pivotal steps in realizing the full potential of genuine AI Skills Management Software.

We wish you a wonderful end to the year, and we eagerly anticipate the opportunities and advancements that 2024 will bring.

The Skills Base Team 👍


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A Skills Base Whitepaper

The Skills Base Methodology
A Framework for Skills-Based Organizations and Teams