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Eliminate the pain of unstructured and disconnected employee and supervisor skills assessments. Skills Base's powerful skills assessment tool gets you the data you need to make better workforce planning decisions.

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Streamline the employee and supervisor skills assessment process.

Improve career outcomes by understanding the skill competencies and interests of your team.

Analyze and act on skills gaps and opportunities in an objective way.

Create a single source of truth for your skills assessment data.

Learn what makes your employees tick through the self-assessment of skills and interests

Skills Base gives your employees the ability to assess and track their assigned skills and interests in an intuitive way. Over time they will gain insights into their competencies and learn how to best grow and develop within the organization.

Employee Skills Assessment Software

Simplify the supervisor assessment process to help your employees grow

Skills Base gives supervisors and managers powerful capabilities to create a skills assessment process that aligns with business outcomes. Watch your team grow, keep them on track for success and facilitate measurable training outcomes on the measurable competency of your employees.

Set skills assessment competency targets

Set fixed dates for employee skills assessments

Track outcomes for individual employees, teams and locations

Set custom rating criteria for skills assessments

View skill trends and improvements over time

Notify employees when assessment dates are due

Comment on the status and progress of your employees

Maintain an assessment activity log for all employees

Report on skills assessment outcomes through powerful competency matrix reporting

Skills Base gives you a central location for skills assessment data from which you can report on skills gaps and opportunities. Find insights within Skills Base itself, export the raw data to CSV, export the results to a pdf, or integrate via API to your HR platform.

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