Get better, data-driven decisions across your organization with our skills management solutions

Skills Base gives you the opportunity to build a robust data-driven skills platform from which you can build teams and quickly assign qualified employees to the problems your business or projects are facing.

Support your people

Hire in a more effective way. Manage learning and development outcomes efficiently by focussing acutely on skill gaps and opportunities.
Human Resources Managers, Hiring Managers, Learning and Development Managers, Training Managers.

Build your teams

Build technical teams and deliver workforce planning around the most competent and qualified employees using objective data.
Project Managers, CIOs, CTOs, Workforce Planners, Technical Managers.

Grow your business

Become more agile and resilient in the new remote and decentralized workforce era by creating a single source of truth for your skills data.
Head of People and Culture, CEOs, Operations Managers, Delivery Managers.

Case Study

Skills Base has helped us better leverage the entire organization in delivering value to our customers.

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Build a Skills Management system your way

There are a number of ways that you can use Skills Base to augment your organization's skills management capability. Whether it's by using Skills Base as a temporary solution addressing a specific need like a restructure, or a permanent solution to manage the ongoing skills management needs of your organization.

A Permanent Solution

Skills Base is an ideal permanent solution for managing the skills within your organization. The user friendly interface coupled with powerful insights helps organizations effectively capture skills management data and report on it on a daily basis.

Skills Base compliments your business operations by providing fast and flexible access to accurate data to help inform decision making and business planning processes.

Augment your organization’s HR capabilities by leveraging the data and insights that only Skills Base can offer.

An Intermediate Solution

Skills Base’s rapid low-cost deployment makes it an ideal choice for organizations that intend to transition to an integrated ERP system for skills management in the future. Where an ERP project can cost millions of dollars and years to implement, Skills Base can be deployed in minutes to ensure that your organization doesn’t have to miss out on the benefits of skills management in the meantime.

Skills Base’s extensive data export features will ensure that when it’s time to go live with the ERP, all data can be easily transferred, or you can choose to take advantage of the Skills Base API to perform a staged transition, with the ERP and Skills Base working in integrated harmony.

Who knows, with the increasing costs of ERP implementation and the increasing risk of failure, you might find you need Skills Base for longer than expected. With Skills Base’s annual subscription licensing model you control and decide when it is used, and for how long.

A Temporary Solution

Skills Base is a great choice for special projects such as corporate mergers and restructures. Skills Base deploys quickly and is user-friendly enough for anyone to use without any training at all. Rapidly record and report on the skills of all people with minimal effort to help ensure your project is a cultural change success.

With Skills Base there are no setup costs, and with a single low annual fee you won’t be breaking your project’s budget. We’ve removed all the hurdles so that you can get on with the business of delivering your project while Skills Base works diligently collecting, collating and presenting vital information to help ensure a successful outcome for your organization.

A Surrogate Solution

Like parts of what Skills Base has to offer but already have a skills management solution? Augment your existing solution by integrating with Skills Base’s comprehensive suite of APIs so that you can leverage the best of both worlds.

Use Skills Base’s fast and user friendly interface to capture and record data and report on it using existing reports that you have built in-house. Or, leverage the best of reporting across both solutions to achieve unprecedented insights into the skills within your organization.

A Skills Base Whitepaper

The Skills Base Methodology
A Framework for Skills-Based Organizations and Teams