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Cloud based skills matrix software that enables you to quickly make data driven decisions and report on the skills of your employees, teams and across your organization.

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Automatically visualize your skill competency data in seconds

Stop spending hours in spreadsheets and disconnected systems. Turn your skills data into a competency skills matrix in seconds and begin making better decisions.
Trusted Skills Matrix Software 1

Scenario planning around the skill competencies of your teams

Create a skills and competency matrix to quickly build the most qualified and skilled team. Understand the skill gaps across your organization and ensure you can better support your customers.

Career planning based on the goals of individuals and organization

Move away from standard vertical career progression for your workforce. Understand the skill gaps across individuals, teams and the entire organization and create pathways for personalized learning and development with a detailed training skills matrix.

Built for your device

Fast, easy, and secure

Free for up to 25 people

GDPR+ compliant

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We’re able to use the Skills Matrix to immediately see Skills Gaps and areas of development.

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Skills Matrix FAQs 2023

A skills matrix is a grid-based visual representation of the skills your staff have. Good skill matrices can be organized to show you information for specific teams, roles, or locations, and allows you to plan and group staff around these.

A skills matrix is important because it helps your organization quickly view and understand the skills and competencies of staff. By filtering what staff a skill matrix is focused on, managers can get to understand the skills gaps and competencies of specific roles, teams and locations with ease.

The short answer: yes. And it has never been more crucial now that more people are working remotely, organizations expand not just in the office, but across the globe and the need for a skills-based approach is growing.

Spreadsheets and Excel can be a good starting point for any organization. The problems begin when you start to scale the complexity with teams, locations and assessments. By using skills matrix software, you can begin making better and faster decisions.

The main difference between a matrix for skills versus one for competencies is scope. A skills matrix is focused on skills alone, while a competency matrix covers not only the skills, but also the knowledge and attitudes a person has. Both have their place.

An employee skills matrix looks at the employee’s skills on an individual level. A team skills matrix looks at how individuals’ skills work together. An organization skills matrix takes both individual and team skills and shows them on a broader, company wide scale. Often, these are used in combination.

A skills matrix is a great tool to visualize skill levels, gaps and strengths. For this reason, it’s a great tool to have at your disposal and be used as a part of a broader training and development plan.

Your skills matrix is only as good as your underlying data. We usually suggest performing at least two assessments to determine objective data, then you can begin reporting via an employee skills matrix at any time, and in seconds.

A skill matrix for employees should include staff names, skill names, and the skill-level rating of each staff member. Modern skill matrices can auto automatically colour code staff ratings to help improve the understandability of the skill matrix.

We like to think not, but we also know skills matrix software is not suitable for every organization and if not used correctly, it can be a disadvantage to your staff. Ensuring a skills matrix is used to its full potential is essential if you want to implement this tool in your organization.

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