Built-in skill libraries to help you get started

The Skills Base library is a curated collection of skills that you can make your own. Start making better people decisions in days, not weeks. 

Skills Base is an open canvas, you can really build out your org structures, roles, teams, skills anyway you want to and it’s intuitive and easy to get started.

Nick K, Manager @ IT Networks

Common organizational roles pre-mapped to skills

Start using Skills Base with a solid foundation of roles and skills to choose from across all functions of your organization

Your teams' skills categorized into logical groups

Don’t leave best practices to chance. Start with a solid skills data schema that will scale with your teams and organization. 

Skill descriptions that everyone can understand

Remove the grunt work and take advantage of pre-populated skill descriptions that will be consistent across your library. 

The Skills Base Skill Library FAQ

Yes, the Skills Base Skill Library feature is avaliable for anyone that creates a free account. Simply sign up and see for yourself

Yes, The library is an add-on to your organization’s skills directory — allowing you to source skills in seconds rather than spending days or weeks. At any time, you can add to, remove or edit skills to ensure they make more sense to your teams and organization. 

The skills library feature will continue to evolve over time. If you can’t find skills or roles that make sense to your organization, reach out and schedule a meeting with the team to see how we can help.

Ready to start making better people decisions?

A Skills Base Whitepaper

The Skills Base Methodology
A Framework for Skills-Based Organizations and Teams