Becoming Skills-based in 2023: 6 Articles You Need to Read

As we move into the new year, there’s never been a more important time to embark on the journey to becoming skills-based. Whether it’s beginning with specific teams or looking widely across your organization to support people decisions – the value for talent acquisition, development, allocation, planning, reward, and retention is undeniable.

In Josh Bersin’s review for 2022, there is a clear indicator that the HR tech market is evolving, with the skills intelligence marketplace expected to continue to grow throughout 2023. This is in part to skills intelligence software or skills management software being an addition to your tech stack that works in a symbiotic way with your other systems.

The sooner you can begin understanding your skills and measuring competency, the sooner you will be able to take advantage of these insights.

To make the journey easier, we’ve collected 6 articles from the last year that any leader needs to read.

The skills-based organization: A new operating model for work and the workforce

By Michael Griffiths and Robin Jones

This article discusses the importance of shifting from a traditional organizational structure surrounding roles to a more skills-based approach. It also provides practical tips on how organizations can implement this change.

Taking a skills-based approach to building the future workforce

By Bryan Hancock, Nikhil Patel, Chris Higgins, Jonathan Law, Sarah Olson and Katie Van Dusen

This article highlights the importance of developing a skills-based workforce in order to stay competitive in the ever-changing job market. It also provides a framework for organizations to follow in order to make the transition.

Beyond the job: a new way to connect talent to work

A webinar with Ravin Jesuthasan, Cynthia Cottrell, and Andrew Lafontaine

A webinar discussing the shift from traditional organizational methods to a skills-based approach and how this benefits both the employer and employee.

The skills-based organization: A new operating model for work and the workforce

By Dan Pontefract.

This article explores the trend of organizations moving away from traditional job roles and towards a skills-based approach. It also offers practical advice on how organizations can make this transition.

The Journey to a Skills-based Organisation and the Role of the Talent Marketplace?

A discussion between David Green & Ravin Jesuthasan.

This article provides a detailed overview of the benefits of becoming a skills-based organization and the steps organizations can take to make the transition.

A Skill-Based Organization of Work: Opportunities & Framework

By Volker Jacobs.

This article provides a framework for organizations to follow in order to create a skills-based work environment. It also discusses the benefits of this approach and provides practical tips for implementation.

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