New features released in the last quarter

We’ve been working hard to make Skills Base the best Skills Management tool on the web. Here are some of the new features released in the last quarter.

Rating scheme

You can now control in detail how skills and interest levels are scored thanks to the rating scheme editor. You can fully configure the scoring range based on your preference, from zero to 10, and choose the labels associated with each.

August 2014 Rating Scheme


You can upload any number of attachments to be associated with a person. This can be used to attach resumes, qualification documents, or images. (Note that adding attachments is only available to paid license holders due to the storage size required).

August 2014 Attachments

People with similar skills

The new “People with Similar Skills” list shows you other people within the organization that have close skill matches. This allows you for example to quickly locate alternative personnel for projects when the primary resource is not available.

August 2014 People with Similar Skills

Skills hierarchy

Organize your skills into a logical hierarchy. Break categories down into sub categories to allow a more extensive level of skill groupings to aid in assessments and reporting.

August 2014 Skills Hierarchy

PDF Export

Export information about people using the new PDF Export feature. This provides a saveable document that can be emailed, printed, or filed for archiving or future reference.

August 2014 PDF Export

We hope these new features will make Skills Base an even more useful tool for tracking the skill levels of employees in your organization. As always, if you have any feedback, please feel free to contact us.

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