How the new Skills Base library will help you get started with skills management

No matter where you look, more and more people are talking about becoming skills-based and the benefits it can have across talent decisions. It’s often easy to understand the value, but where do you actually start?

The reality for many organizations is the lack of skills data to even begin testing with certain teams or roles, this is all while being constrained by time and budgets. 

You could spend tens of thousands of dollars on an external consultant to provide a list of skills in a few months – but that doesn’t help you get insights quickly or create buy-in across your organization. 

You could try to scrape resumes and web data, but without a clear data schema and software in place, this leads to unreliable, unstructured, unusable data that, at best, provide little value or, at worst, leads you to make poorly informed people choices 

You could also stay using your trusted spreadsheets to track, manage and report on skills, but we all know they can be unreliable and difficult to keep up to date (not to mention when you’re looking at hundreds of thousands of data points). 

That’s why you’re here, right? You have had the aha moment and realized that your skill tracking spreadsheet is broken, unwieldy, and just not solving the core problem.  

People Leaders need a quick and easy way to understand the true picture of their team’s skills so they can begin measuring and acting on skill insights sooner. 

That’s why we created the Skills Base library, and that’s why we’ve made it free for anyone to use.

The Skills Base | library is a curated list of skills that come pre-mapped to roles. This is configured using skills management best practices across logical groupings and skill descriptions. 

Whether you import one, or one thousand skills, they are yours to use. Add additional skills, remove what’s there, or just get a sense of what we recommend on a daily basis to hundreds of organizations using Skills Base.  

Our goal is to give anyone the ability to experience the value of becoming skills-based sooner. And by sooner we mean days, not months.

How it works, skills ready in seconds

Open up your skill directory page, click on open the Skills Base Library, choose the desired roles, and import. It’s that simple.

If you want to start exploring the benefits of skills management and the impact it can have on your talent decisions, Skills Base is free for up to 25 users and 250 skills. 

Head across and create your account here. 

Or, see everything Skills Base has to offer by scheduling a demo with the team today.

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