July 2021 Skills Base Update – Check out what’s new

We are here to celebrate the continued growth of Skills Base and the passionate and generous engagement and feedback from our customers that is helping to create an innovative suite of tools across skills management,  skills assessment, skills matrix reporting,  skill and competency mapping and much more that is truly helping businesses understand and act on their skills gaps. This engagement is shown by the 5.5 million skills assessed on the Skills Base platform in the past 6 months.

It’s obvious that the world is moving fast to a skills-based approach. Our conversations are with clients across Australia, The UK, Germany, and The USA to Brunei, Vietnam, the Pacific Islands and The Caribbean. This is a global trend that is only just getting started!

But don’t take our word for it read for yourself what global experts are saying:

So… What can we all be excited about in new major features that have been released over the last 6 months?

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5 New Major Feature Releases

New Feature

Close skill gaps efficiently and effectively with the Training Module

You’ve invested thousands of dollars in a new learning management system, dedicated countless hours to the creation and curation of unique purpose-built content, and your employees are participating in this upskilling.

The new training module in Skills Base gives you the ability to act on your employees’ skills gaps. Not only can you connect to any online training resource, but you can assign the course completion to improvements in skill and competency levels.

New Feature

Identify Skill Gaps Faster with the new Competency Analysis Chart

Find top skill areas for development and investment, and gain valuable insights into the capabilities of the different cohorts within your workforce.

The competency analysis chart is another reporting tool at your disposal. This visual representation facilitates rapid identification of gaps and strengths, as well as the volume of skills across different parts of your organization.

New Feature

Ciao Mondo! Italian translations is here

With customers and users around the world, we’re often asked if Skills Base is available in their native language. We’re happy to announce that alongside English (UK), English (US), and German. Skills Base users can now easily choose Italian as a native Skills Base language. And we have more on the way.

Interested in localization for your region? Just ask and we can see what’s next. 

New Feature

Making your instance your own, with custom branding

There’s nothing better to build internal advocacy than to deploy a new piece of technology that you can call your own.  

The Customizations module provides options for configuring Skills Base at a deeper level so it looks and feels like part of your internal ecosystem.

New Feature

Get started faster with the new Setup Wizard

Adopting a skills-based approach across your business doesn’t just involve tech — but the methodology that underpins how skills are understood, managed, tracked, reported on and actioned. 

Any new Skills Base instance created will now go through a quick setup wizard to explain this methodology as well as begin introducing people to building their skills taxonomy, assessing skills, and reporting on skill gaps. 

A few more minor features and enhancements

New Feature

Update targets straight from the skills matrix

When an individual’s Target Source is changed to Custom, a “Targets” tab will be visible on their personal skills matrix dashboard. Read the knowledge base article.

New Feature

Export skill trend data

You can now export the complete history of skill level changes over time for a set of people. Read the knowledge base article.

New Feature

Search for people via custom fields

People Finder (watch the overview video here) will now allow you to search your people using custom fields that you have set up. Read more about people finder here.

New Feature

Automated language selector based on browser

If you sign into Skills Base with German, Italian, English (UK) or English (US) set as your default browser language, Skills Base will recommend new in-application preferences.

New Feature

You can now see assessment due dates in the assess people screen


API can now accept both JSON and form-encoded data


Improved bulk data import functionality


Improved Qualification management


Quality of life improvements across the different APIs


Internal Skill Assessment database improvements


Internal Qualification database improvements


Internal skill database improvements


Parent categories for skills are now available in the report builder

Skills Base is built for security, scale and speed. The team has been hard at work across a variety of other measures to maintain a platform that is expected of us, and that you can be confident in.

Over the last few months we’ve also released a bunch of interesting articles that’s worth taking a look into: 

If you have any feedback, interested in what’s coming or want to suggest some changes, don’t hesitate to contact us or book in a demo with the team.

Want to see any new changes in action?


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