Better reporting now available on Skills Base

We’re pleased to announce the availability of some new features to help your organization get even more value from your skills management practice.

My Reports

It’s now possible to save your commonly run reports for rapid execution at a later date.

August 2015 Add to Reports

This feature introduces an “Add to My Reports” button when viewing a report which, when clicked, allows you to specify a name and description before saving all report parameters to your “My Reports” list.

August 2015 My Reports

This feature also works with data exports, so you no longer have to set up all of the parameters each time an export needs to be executed.

The “My Reports” list is available via the Reporting -> Reports menu.

Capability Matrix report

The new Capability Matrix report provides a view of capability across an entity by showing the number of people skilled at each skill level. The entity can be a Role, Team, Location, or the entire organization.

August 2015 Capability Matrix Report

This new matrix provides rapid visibility of the capability within a selected entity and can be used in conjunction with other reports and dashboards to further enhance your training and development plans, or to feed into organizational reporting and decision making.

New calculation method option – “Strict Average”

Since its inception, Skills Base has utilized a calculation method which factors relevant skills to highlight strengths throughout dashboards. We’re pleased to now announce the release of a new additional calculation method which, when enabled, places more of an emphasis on highlighting gaps. To see exactly how it does that, check our support article which describes each of the calculation methods in detail. Administrators can now choose the method that best aligns with the requirements of the organization, or even change between methods at any time.

We hope that these new features come in handy for your organization and, as always, if you have any feedback please let us know.

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