20 million skills assessed & counting | Skills Base Product Update July 2022

There are certain milestones as a business when you have to stop for a second and reflect. For us, we have reached a staggering 20 million skills assessed on the Skills Base platform — which is growing by the week. 

It’s evident that teams and organizations require a better way to manage skills — and spreadsheets simply don’t cut it. Also with markets moving the way they are there has never been a more important time to focus on the people that matter most:

  • How do we develop people in the right way?
  • How do we allocate people to work that makes sense to them, and the customer?
  • How do we retain people by delivering an exceptional human experience?
  • How do we acquire the right skills into roles not from external sources, but through internal mobility?

The Answer? By understanding, measuring and acting on skills.

Kicking things off, welcome to the team!

As our product and customer base grow, we’re also happy to grow the team with it. A warm welcome to: 

  • Daniel (Danny) Jaoude 🇱🇧 has come on board as a customer success manager supporting our many European Customers. 
  • Marc Luvshis 🇺🇸 has come on board as a customer success manager supporting our North American customers. 
  • Nathaniel (Nate) Rogers 🇦🇺 joins us as a new software engineer out of Australia.

And without further ado, here’s a bunch of the features we’ve released to the Skills Base platform over the last 6 months. 

PS. We’ve also created a new page to document changes to the Skills Base platform. Head across and check it out. 🔗

New Feature

Career Mobility Insights

Whether you’re promoting a growth culture, trying to drive internal talent acquisition, or looking to retain key people, giving each individual the freedom and visibility to move within an organization has never been as important.

This is why we’re excited to have released the new feature Career Mobility Insights (find the video here 🔗). This feature provides transparency, and genuine learning pathways for individuals to move deeper into their area of specialization, or change entirely within the organization.  

When used along side the training module, each individual will also be automatically recommended training that will guide them towards their desired roles. 

New Feature

Salut to French Translations 🇫🇷

Joining English, Italian and German are the new French Translations for Skills Base. This is avaliable for all users and accounts so jump on in and take it for a spin.

Looking for additional translations for your teams? Just ask us about what’s next.

Skills Base French Translations

See Skills Base in Action


Redesign and Refactoring of the Skills Base UI

In the previous 6 month product update blog we announced the migration towards a new design framework. This effort continued with the redesign and refactoring of the skills directory, teams and roles dashboards.

Skills Directory V2
New Feature

HR Tech / HRIS integration - Phase 1

There is a new architecture within Skills Base for processing batch files from third-party systems. We are looking to roll this out in different phases, with the first being focused around different HR Systems.

We know there’s a lot out there, and we’ve been fortunate enough to work with a few of our customers to prove out the integration between Skills Base and Workday. 🤝

If you were interested with this integration, or looking for any others let the team know.

New Feature

Better data handling tools

With data privacy and security being a core focus of the Skills Base platform, we have introduced a new way (within the application) to share files between your organization and the Skills Base team.

New Feature

Add skills in one click

You can now use the “quick add skill” button to instantly insert skills into your skills taxonomy. 

New Feature

Cancel in progress self-assessments

Administrators now have greater control and can cancel in-progress self-assessments.

New Feature

Custom Fields For Courses

You can now attach custom fields to courses to ensure you’re capturing the right information. 

New Feature

Link local files to courses in Skills Base

Skills Base now allows training materials from ‘file’ URLs (e.g. Windows shares) instead of only web pages.

New Feature

Link Joplin URLs to courses in Skills Base

Skills Base now allows training materials from ‘joplin’ URLs.

Ps. Looking for access to different URLs and file types? Just reach out to the team and ask. 

New Feature

Export Training Trend Data to CSV

Need to further Analyze training outcomes and ROI? You can now find the curated report on the reporting page. 


Improved search functionality

When searching for data in a tree view, the results are now more responsive based on inputs. 


Qualification start / end filtering

Added the ability to filter qualifications by start and end dates.


Improved SAML Integration - Metadata

Added the ability to provide IDP metadata by specifying a URL rather than uploading a file. 


Improved SAML Integration - Multiple Configs.

Skills Base can now support multiple SSO configurations (auth providers) for an organization.


Improved Skill Trend reporting

With the new ability to add individual skills to people, the Skill Trend Dashboard and exports will now query each skill a person has assigned.


Improved PDF exports

When you export a PDF for an individual person, it will now indicate the data calculation method. (Self Assessment Data, Supervisor Assessment Data or Average Assessment Data)


People Finder data export controls

You can now disable data exports in People Finder via different Security Groups.

Still unsure where to start?

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