Understand Your Gaps: A Free Skills Matrix Excel Template

If you have never used a skills matrix before or need a good base to build from, this free template is a great place to start!

By filling in your team’s details, our downloadable spreadsheet will give you a better understanding of your employees’ skills so you can find the gaps and opportunities in your team. As with any manual matrix, this does have its limitations but it is a great way to familiarize yourself with tracking and auditing skills.

Image of the free skills matrix template to download

Find your skill gaps now

How to use the free skills matrix template?

The free template is designed to give you the basics required to start your journey on building a skills-based company. Using it is easy:

  • Add team member names in the relevant column
  • Add the required skills for either a particular role/process or skills required for the whole team to adequately function
  • Adopt the predefined rating system and evaluate your team members on their competency levels of current skills, as well as their interest level in each skill
  • Review the information gathered to easily view and act on the areas of strength in your staff and any skill gaps.

These steps can also be found in the Excel template, along with further information around how to make the most of this skills matrix tool.

What to do once you have outgrown the template

While this template is useful, it is also designed for small teams and can be quite manual, as well as requiring version management to ensure sharing does not result in missing or incorrect data. When you want to move on to something that offers speed, automation, and ease of sharing, as well as the ability to scale with you, there are lots of great options. In fact, we even have a free option in our training matrix software that is perfect for smaller teams that grows with you.

Still not convinced? Check out our article showing the 5 main reasons to move from Excel spreadsheets to a skills matrix tool.

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