The New Skill Competency Trends Tab

Maintaining an up-to-date inventory of the skills within an organization can greatly assist with operational needs such as finding the right person for a project or client, or analyzing the training needs of the organization. However, skills management can offer immense benefits in driving value to broader organizational activities. To help you with this, we are glad to announce the immediate availability of a new feature in Skills Base that allows you to extract even more value out of your existing information in Skills Base.

The new Trends tab on the Person Summary page graphs a person’s development in each skill over the course of their assessment history.

This helps facilitate the better monitoring of areas of improvement, decline or stagnation which in turn helps better inform according decisions and actions, for example in conducting Training Needs Analysis.

Enabling the Trends tab

For existing customers, the Trends tab is disabled for all Security Groups except Administrator. If Administrators wish to enable the Tab for others within the organization, there are two grantable privileges when editing a Security Group:

  • To allow people to view their own Trends tab, enable Self > View > Trends
  • To allow people to view the Trends tab of others, enable People > View > Trends

We hope this new feature helps provide another way for your organization to maximize the data collected in Skills Base to add further value to your organization.

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