Announcing fully customizable permissions

We’re glad to announce the immediate availability of some powerful new features that give administrators far greater control over permissions within their Skills Base instance.

Watch a video tutorial on the new permissions enhancements.

The first is the ability to fully customize the privileges granted to Security Groups



Previously, only a limited number of Security Group privileges could be configured, however we have dramatically expanded on that to give administrators detailed control over the things that a person can see and do throughout the system.

Secondly, we now provide administrators the ability to define custom Security Groups that can be configured with any permissions required.   For example, there may be a need to grant contractors a different set of privileges than may be granted to full time employees.  All of this an more is now possible with the ability to create any amount of new Security Groups that can be assigned to people throughout the organization.


2Lastly, we have expanded team configuration options to provide greater flexibility by allowing more than just Supervisors to be assigned to teams.   The Delegates feature allows administrators the ability to assign a range of permissions based on team membership, providing enhanced choice and control.



We hope these new enhancements will help give your organization the flexibility and control it needs to make the most of your skills management practice.

For more information on these enhancements, see our article on Configuring Permissions in the Skills Base Support Center.