6 ways to find the right people for a task or project

Skills Base is skill inventory management software for organizations looking to track, measure and harness the skills of their employees.

One of the problems that Skills Base solves is task of finding the right people for a task or project that the organization may be planning or about to embark on.

Following are 6 ways to find people for tasks or projects using Skills Base.

Method 1: Find by name

If you have a particular person in mind, you can easily search by their name using the global search feature that is available at the top right hand side of every page:

Method 1 Find by Name

Method 2: Find by a particular skill

If there is a particular skill that you need, you can easily use the global search to find the skill by name, and then view the “Most Skilled” list to see the most skilled people:

Method 2 Find by particular skill

Method 3: Find by a set of skills

More often than not you require to find a person based on a range of skills. This can be achieved via the “People Finder” feature. Simply enter the required skills and the level of competency for each to seach for matches:

Method 3 Find by a set of skills

Method 4: Find by interest level

Sometimes, you might be looking for someone that is passionate about a particular skill area. Finding people by interest level in a particular skill will allow you to identify people that are highly engaged in the subject matter. Simply search for the desired skill using global seach and navigate to the “Most interested” box:

Method 3 Find by a set of skills

Method 5: Find by visual comparison

Ocassionally, you may wish to find a person based on how they compare agaist other empoyees in certain skill areas. The Heat Matrix report provides a visual indication of empoyee skills within a given team and allows you to quickly identify areas of strength or weakness across all members and skills:

Method 5 Find by Visual Comparison

Method 6: Find by external means

If you would like to run queries against your data in order to find people by a customised criteria, the data export feature is available and can be used to export your data to a spreadsheet, external database or any other external tool.

Method 6 Find by External Means

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