The Skill Competency Targets feature is here

We’re pleased to announce the immediate availability of a new feature to further help your organization maximise the benefits of skills management.

The Competency Targets feature provides organizations the ability to set expected skills and associated skill levels for a Team or Role within Skills Base, and to track a Team, Role or Person’s progress towards achieving full competency.

We’ve designed Competency Targets to be very easy to use. Whether your organization is just starting out with Skills Base, or you have been using Skills Base for several years, you can take advantage of Competency Targets in just two easy steps, with the Skills Base software taking care of the rest.

Read more about Competency Targets in the Skills Base Support Center.

May 2017 Team Dashboard
May 2017 Team Skill Dashboard

Once you’ve enabled this new feature, some additional metrics will appear on People, Role and Team dashboards, making tracking competencies in your organisation a breeze.

We hope you find this new feature of benefit to your organization, and as always we look forward to your feedback.

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