Skills Base Chosen as a Top 100 Global Learning Systems Leader

The Skills Gap. One of the most talked about problems across the learning space, and something that everyone under the sun is trying to solve.

Let’s take a step back and think about a different way to position the skills gap problem.

One that first begins with skills, and ends in better HR, training, learning & development and workforce planning outcomes.

Enter a skills-based approach. A way to dive into the skills of the workforce at an atomic level – not by broad groups of people, but by the specific, enumerated skills that people possess. This atomic view unlocks the possibilities for maximizing the talent of the workforce across functions, disciplines, departments, and other traditional lines of business.

It’s all about reframing and turning the problem on its head. Start with skills and end in learning, not the other way around.

This is why we’re ecstatic about being selected in the 2021 top 100 learning systems in the world. As the only Skills metrics and measurement platform.

That’s right. Skills metrics and measurement. We’re not a learning system, there are many leaders doing innovative and creative things (Luckily you can easily find them alongside Skills Base in the list).

The Skills Base platform, methodology and approach, exists to complement learning systems — a symbiotic technology stack producing better outcomes for employees, a business’s bottom line, and the end customer to ultimately close skill gaps.

If any of these questions are keeping you up at night:

  • How do I identify skills?
  • How do I measure and assess skills?
  • How do I quantify the skills gap?
  • How do I act on the skill gaps?

Look no further. Book a demo with our team and see why organizations around the world are turning to Skills Base to adopt a skills-based approach.


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