Reducing Project Kickoff Times for C1’s Engineering Workforce

C1, a multifaceted professional services company, empowers customers to grow their businesses in a market increasingly shaped by AI integration, stringent security needs, and the demand for scalable infrastructure. The company faced significant challenges in efficiently managing the diverse skill sets of its engineers. By adopting Skills Base, C1 transformed its approach to skills management, streamlining processes and significantly reducing project kickoff times.

IT Services and IT Consulting
1000 to 5000 Employees

The benefits

  • Efficient Skills Tracking: Simplified tracking of skills and certifications, reducing the time and effort required for management.
  • Reduced Project Kickoff Time: Decreased the average time to assign engineers to projects from three days to just 30 minutes.
  • Enhanced Resource Allocation: Improved ability to quickly find and allocate engineers based on specific skill sets and availability.
  • Proactive Certification Management: Automated reminders for certification renewals, virtually eliminating the risk of certifications expiring unnoticed.

The use cases

Skills and Certification Tracking
Resource Allocation

The Challenge

Jay Canfield, Director of Professional Services at C1, described the initial struggle with managing skills using an unwieldy Excel spreadsheet. The spreadsheet was difficult to update, prone to errors, and not scalable for the company’s growing needs. C1 required a robust, centralized system to track and manage the skills of their engineers efficiently.

The Solution

Skills Base provided the perfect solution with its comprehensive and intuitive platform. C1 transitioned from a basic prosumer version to the full enterprise version of Skills Base, complete with single sign-on and extensive customization options. This upgrade allowed C1 to effectively track and manage skills, certifications, and project assignments.


The transition to Skills Base was seamless and well-received across various practices within C1. Jay and his team tailored the platform to their needs, creating a skills matrix that facilitated easy tracking and management of skills. The platform’s flexibility allowed different practices to customize skills according to their specific requirements.

Skills Base has significantly reduced the time required for project kickoffs. What used to take us three days to assign engineers to projects now takes only 30 minutes. This efficiency has not only saved us time but also allowed us to serve our clients faster and better.

Jay Canfield,
Director of Professional Services


The centralized management of skills has enabled C1 to respond more efficiently to client needs, ensuring that the right engineers are assigned to the right projects promptly. The skills-based approach has also improved overall project outcomes and customer satisfaction, fostering a more efficient and productive work environment.

Skills Base has empowered C1 to revolutionize their skills management, enhancing the management and development of their global workforce. The platform’s simplicity and comprehensive capabilities have enabled the company to streamline operations, improve resource allocation, and ensure continuous learning and certification compliance. This case study highlights the significant impact of Skills Base in driving efficiency and productivity at C1.

With Skills Base, we have automated reminders for certification renewals, which has virtually eliminated the risk of certifications expiring unnoticed. This proactive management ensures that we maintain our partner statuses and avoid losing valuable certifications. It’s been a game-changer for our compliance and operational efficiency.

Jay Canfield,
Director of Professional Services


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