Enhancing Delaware’s Service Delivery with Skills Management

Delaware, a global IT and management consulting firm with a presence in 19 countries, faced challenges in managing and standardizing skills across its diverse workforce. With a significant number of interns and new hires, the company needed a consistent and efficient way to document and utilize employee skills. Enter Skills Base, the solution that revolutionized their approach to skills management.

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The benefits

  • Standardized Skills Management: Uniform documentation and assessment of skills across the company.
  • Efficient Resource Allocation: Automated processes for identifying and scheduling the right resources, reducing manual effort and correspondence.
  • Improved Competency Measures: Consistent and uniform measurement of staffing competency across locations.
  • Scalable Solution: Growth in usage from 270 people to 3,700 people in just two years.

The use cases

Resource Allocation
Learning and Development
Career Mobility

The Challenge

Ann, Delivery Manager in Operations at Delaware, has been with the company for 26 years. She experienced firsthand the difficulties in managing resources across multiple locations and ensuring consistent skills documentation. Previously, each location used different methods and descriptions, leading to inefficiencies and inconsistencies in resource allocation.

The Solution

Delaware Corporation implemented Skills Base to streamline and standardize their skills management process. By integrating Skills Base with SAP SuccessFactors, the company was able to automate and centralize skills documentation, making it easier to identify and schedule the right resources for various projects. Ann utilized Skills Base APIs and Power Builder to create analytical reports and manage the administration of Skills Base effectively.

Skills Base has Improved our ability to bid for and win RFPs, and adequately staff customer engagements.

Ann De Sloover, Delivery Manager

Ann De Sloover,
Delivery Manager

Implementation and Onboarding

The implementation of Skills Base involved building a comprehensive skills taxonomy with input from personnel, supervisors, and management. This process standardized skills definitions across all geographies and departments, significantly improving their ability to bid for, win, and staff engagements. Despite initial concerns, the adoption process was smooth, with universal buy-in from management and staff.


The centralized management of skills has enabled Delaware Corporation to respond more efficiently to RFPs, ensure proper staffing, and identify skill gaps across the organization. The skills-based approach has transformed their operations, providing a consistent process for finding and scheduling skilled personnel, ultimately enhancing their service delivery to clients. delaware offers solutions from their three main ecosystems, SAP, Salesforce and Microsoft. Skills Base allows the company to keep a good overview between all of these offerings, certifications from consultants, etc.

Skills Base has empowered Delaware Corporation to revolutionize their skills management, fostering continuous learning and innovation. Thanks to the central management of certificates, the company now has a clear overview of all the certificates that their employees have achieved or will achieve in the near future. This allows them to spot gaps in terms of training very easily and to offer consultants the right guidance in which certificates or trainings they need. By standardizing skills documentation and automating resource allocation, they have achieved significant improvements in efficiency and consistency. Delaware Corporation’s experience with Skills Base underscores the transformative potential of a skills-based approach in the ICT consulting industry.


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