New features – Locations and Custom Fields

We’re pleased to announce the release of two new requested features: Locations and Custom Fields.


The new Locations feature allows you to associate a physical location with a Person.




The physical location has also been added as a criteria to the People Finder feature so that you can find skilled people in a specific geographic location.

people finder

To find out more about Locations, visit our Support Wiki.

Custom Fields

This new feature is available to paid license holders and allows the creation of any number of additional fields to be associated with a Person record.  You can add any text-based information you like to these fields.  For example, you could create a Custom Field called “Favorite color” and use it to tack your employee’s favorite colors (Why not? It could come in handy!).

Custom fields are displayed on the new “About” tab located on the Person Summary page.


Values you enter into custom fields are searchable via the Global Search:


We’re constantly improving Skills Base based on your feedback, and we’re very grateful for all of your suggestions.  If there’s anything we can do to assist, please feel free to contact us.