Enhancements requested by you

We are pleased to announce the release of some enhancements that have been requested over the past months by our customers.

Improvements to skill and category ordering

We have invested some time in improving the way that skills and skill categories are ordered.  In the past, categories were ordered alphabetically in assessments, lists and reports but are now displayed in correct tree order:


Skill ordering change


We have also introduced the “Manual” sort order option which allows you to take full control of the way that skills and categories are ordered.  You can enable manual sort order in Admin -> Settings -> General settings:

manual sort setting


Once enabled you will be able to drag and drop skills and skill categories into any order you desire:

manual order


Team hierarchy

Teams can now be arranged into a hierarchy via the Team Directory.  Further, you can now view people in their respective teams, as well as drag and drop them into other teams directly within the Team Directory page:


Any sub-teams will inherit all skill categories assigned to their parent(s).   Additionally, Team Summary page statistics will include all of the team’s sub-teams.

We hope these enhancements assist in your skills management activities.  We thank you for your feedback and look forward to receiving more.