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"Our company introduced Skills Base two years ago. It has helped us gain a better understanding of the skills within the company, as well as the areas our staff are interested in developing."

Samantha L

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"The program is excellent!"

Corina Abraham-Barna, MSCA NCP

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"SafeNet Consulting has utilized the Skills Base platform for skills management for about a year. The platform has provided our team with insight to our people that we did not have detailed visibility to before. We look forward to continuing to enhance our business processes by incorporating more use of the platform into our day-to-day activities."

Lara S, SafeNet Consulting

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"It's awesome"

Drew A, ConnectWise

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"The Skills Base tool is extremely user friendly and the data it outputs is exactly what my company needs. I have always received nothing but amazing customer support from the Skills Base support team. I always get a response within one business day if not sooner and my questions always have answers. "

Kim G

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"Very useful system - enables us to effectively manage skills of our team. It is also easy to use. Now it is our "must have" app."

K B, SW_Services

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"We love Skills Base as a way for our consultants to find mentors, SME's and guidance. It helps people who are geographically dislocated to get to know each other and utilize one another's knowledge. Obviously it works great for staffing too."

Donna M, Sense Corp

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"We have had great adoption from our staff in taking the surveys and our management team loves the visibility into operation. Now we are starting to use the data to begin planning our training activities. Looking forward to the next steps. "

Christopher N, SES Consulting

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"We use Skills Base to track the skills and capabilities of our consultant team and we have found the package to be very useful, especially the functions that have recently been added. The package can be configured in lots of different ways to suit different business requirements. The Skills Base team are very helpful and receptive to new ideas."

Maria H, Intuitus Limited

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"Excellent system - enables us to manage our skill set effectively and efficiently."

Andy C, Design Packaging Group Limited

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"Skills Base is a powerful tool, easy to use and flexible to implement. Skills Base allows us to focus our efforts in the learning strategy instead of the work of tracking and controlling. Since we started using it we have been able to increase the skills of our teams and react quickly when its needed.

Head of Back-office"

Federico Lecourtois, AMARIS

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"Maintaining an up to date database of skills and qualifications segmented into geographic regions is vital to service organizations like All Covered. Skills Base has been everything we expected it to be and more. We have powerful insight into the areas where technical skill levels are strong and, equally as important, areas where there are gaps in skill that need to be filled.

Getting employees to assess their skills and keep them up to date on a regular basis is easy thanks to the intuitive and easy to use interface of Skills Base.

Using reports and the on-demand search engine to find resources with the right skill is a snap and has proven to be a valuable tool for both our sales team and our project management group.

The support team at Skills Base is extremely responsive. With their help we were able to plan, design, and implement our Skills Base production environment to meet our needs very quickly."

Doug F, All Covered

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"Having worked in the HR field for many years it is so refreshing to work with a system that is simple for all to use. We have incorporated our annual performance review with the Skills Base matrix with very pleasing results. I would have no hesitation in recommending this product to other HR professionals. "

Sue H, Tradestaff

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"We have been using Skills Base for our company and find the tool very valuable. It is easy to use."

Stickney Kunanayagam, Fronde

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"Skills-base did exactly what we needed to help us asses the skills & interests of people who were merging onto different teams."

Jim B