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Skills Base named in Capterra’s 2018 Top 20 list

Skills Base has been named a Top 20 Most Popular Talent Management software product by Capterra, the leading online resource for business software buyers.

“We’re pleased to make it into Capterra’s Top 20 list for a second consecutive year.  We’ve been working hard to make Skills Base the best skills management software on the planet and this accolade validates the work we have been doing”, Steven George – Skills Base Founder.

Top 20 Most Popular Talent Management Software list is an independent assessment that evaluates customer base, number of active users, and social presence to generate a list of market leaders in the Talent Management Software space that offer the most widely adopted solutions.  The list is available at:

User interface layout improvements

We’ve made some tweaks to the Skills Base user interface to make it present more consistently across different devices, with particular attention paid to small-factor mobile devices.

As part of this change the color of the menu and header bars have been darkened in order to draw more focus to the page content.

These changes are cosmetic only and there is no changed or introduced functionality to the Skills Base software with this release.

We value your feedback so if you have any comments or suggestions, please let us know.

Case study: How Ellucian used Skills Base to drive more value to customers

Download the full case study (PDF)

Ellucian is the world’s leading provider of higher education software and services. With more than 2,500 institutions in nearly 50 countries, Ellucian enhances the education experience of over 18 million students.

Ellucian Technology Management Services (ETM) specializes in helping customers manage the information technology that delivers core services to students. Skills throughout the team are wide and varied, and employees are distributed over different geographies. When a team member needed to draw on expertise from their colleagues they would generally have to approach their manager or send an email out to the entire department asking for assistance.

Download the full case study to continue reading.

Updates to terms and conditions

As part of our commitment to providing exceptional customer service, we’ve updated our terms and conditions to make them fairer and clearer.

The previous “Terms and Conditions” document has been split into two documents:

  • Master Subscription Agreement – This agreement is for individuals or individuals acting on behalf of entities (such as organizations) who create a Skills Base Instance and clearly sets out items pertaining to the licensee of a Skills Base instance.
  • Terms of Use – This agreement is for all users of Skills Base services and sets out the roles and responsibilities that all users have when using the services.

The term “Terms and Conditions” will now be used to refer to the suite of documents including the above, our Service Level Agreement (SLA), Privacy Policy, and any other relevant documents.

If you are an existing Skills Base licensee or user, you don’t need to take any action.  By continuing to use our services you agree to the updated terms and conditions.

We hope these updates help provide more clarity and transparency, and ultimately reduce the barriers for your organization.

Skills Base receives Rising Star and User Experience awards

Skills Base has been awarded the 2017 Rising Star award as well as the 2017 Award for Great User Experience in the talent management software category by FinancesOnline, one of the fastest growing review platforms for SaaS products with over 1 million monthly readers.

Skills Base was selected for its very user friendly interface and 98% user satisfaction rating. We’re very pleased to be recognized with these awards as we strive to make Skills Base the best Talent Management software in the world.

Read the full review here.

New: Update skill ratings without having to start a new assessment

We’re pleased to announce the immediate availability of a new feature that has been requested by customers to streamline the maintenance of data in Skills Base.

In the past, updating skill ratings required a new assessment to be started and completed.  While running through a complete assessment periodically is highly recommended as a way of maintaining accuracy of data, it is not so necessary when an assessment has recently been taken and then a need arises to update one skill in a person’s skill set.

To address this need, we have release new functionality that allows Administrators the ability to grant people permission to edit assessment responses outside of an assessment.   This is achieved via the “Detail” tab on a person’s summary page:

This can be useful in cases where an individual has recently completed a self-assessment but their skill profile changes due to completing a training course for example.  The individual can update their data without having to sit through an entire assessment.  Note that it is still highly recommended for individuals to complete an entire assessment periodically to ensure accuracy of data.

A person can be granted permission to update their own self-assessed skill ratings, and/or to update supervisor ratings.

In all instances by default, the ability to edit skill ratings outside of an assessment is disabled for everyone except Administrators.  Administrators can grant this privilege to other people via Security Groups:

Administrators  are always granted permission to edit supervisor assessment ratings due to the facts that Administrators:

  1. Can conduct supervisor assessments
  2. Are granted all system privileges

We hope this new feature proves helpful and as always if you have any questions or feedback, do let us know!

Capterra names Skills Base in Top 20 report

Capterra, a Gartner company that helps businesses select software solutions, has ranked Skills Base in their Top 20 Most Popular Talent Management Software report.

Over the years Skills Base has helped some of the world’s largest companies easily and efficiently solve the challenges of skills management via our simple tool and proven methodology, bringing true value to their businesses through effective talent management.

The Capterra report highlights the growth in the Talent Management space and the importance that companies are increasingly placing on it as a critical business activity.  We’re very glad to be recognized in the Top 20.

View the full report here:

The new Trends tab

Maintaining an up-to-date inventory of the skills within an organization can greatly assist with operational needs such as finding the right person for a project or client, or analyzing the training needs of the organization.  However, skills management can offer immense benefits in driving value to broader organizational activities.  To help you with this, we are glad to announce the immediate availability of a new feature in Skills Base that allows you to extract even more value out of your existing information in Skills Base.

The new Trends tab on the Person Summary page graphs a person’s development in each skill over the course of their assessment history:

This helps facilitate the better monitoring of areas of improvement, decline or stagnation which in turn helps better inform according decisions and actions, for example in conducting Training Needs Analysis.

Enabling the Trends tab

For existing customers, the Trends tab is disabled for all Security Groups except Administrator.  If Administrators wish to enable the Tab for others within the organization, there are two grantable privileges when editing a Security Group:

  • To allow people to view their own Trends tab, enable Self > View > Trends
  • To allow people to view the Trends tab of others, enable People > View > Trends

We hope this new feature helps provide another way for your organization to maximize the data collected in Skills Base to add further value to your organization.


Enhancements to Qualifications module

We’re pleased to announce the availability of the first of a series of enhancements to the Qualifications module, designed to help you better record and track qualifications, certifications and training in Skills Base.

Qualifications tab

We’ve introduced a new tab on the Person summary page which enhances the presentation of a person’s qualifications and makes it consistent with other records in Skills Base by providing an table view that includes familiar search and sort abilities.

To see the Qualifications tab your Security Group must be granted the [Self > View > Qualifications] privilege (for you) or the [People > View > Qualifications] privilege (for others).  Granting Security Group privileges can only be performed by an administrator.


Qualifications dashboard

Each Qualification in Skills Base now has its own dashboard containing common statistics about the people that hold it, further bringing the presentation of qualifications in line with other records in Skills Base.

To view the Qualifications dashboard you must have the [Qualifications > View] privilege granted for your Security Group (this must be performed by an administrator).


We hope these simple enhancements help you to better record and track qualifications, certifications and training in Skills Base.  We’ll post about additional enhancements as they become available.

Case study: How Red Hat used Skills Base to improve staff and customer satisfaction

Download the full case study (PDF)

Red Hat is the world’s leading provider of open source solutions to Fortune 500 companies.  With a global reach consisting of more than 7,900 employees across 80 offices in 35 countries, their goal is to help solve some of the most complex business and IT challenges today, with a focus on fostering a rich eco-system of collaboration and diversity.

Red Hat lacked a competency framework for managers to measure and understand the skills within their diverse teams, and a permanent solution to effectively capture skills management data. With no sign of global operations and human resources growth slowing down, Red Hat needed a streamlined system to assess the skills level of their ever-expanding roster of consultants and technical staff, across all locations.

Download the full case study to continue reading.